Mission Statement

The ACT Water Ski Association Barefoot Divisions endeavours to facilitate the involvement of members in all aspects of Barefoot Waterskiing in the ACT region.

Strategies for achievement

1. To Barefoot and Promote Barefooting

The club will conduct this activity through the use of the club boat and the Molonglo river facilities. We also seek to encourage new members and promote safe and effective training techniques.

2. Recreational Barefooting

The club seeks to facilitate the activities of barefoot water skiing for those wishing to partake at a recreational level. This is done through the provision of the club boat and organised barefooting sessions on the Molonglo River with an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere.

3. Competitive Barefooting

The club also seeks to develop the elite skiers among the recreational skiers and encourage them to do their best at local, national and international level of competition. In combination with the Australian Barefoot Water Ski Club, we will promote and assist in the training and development of the competitive barefooter.


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